Pattern Memory

Pattern Memory

Enhance your memory skills by remembering and reconstructing patterns

Pattern Memory is a mental enhancement game. With simple and effective exercises, you'll learn to remember patterns quickly and with high accuracy. The game begins by showing an empty grid composed of gray boxes. You have to pay attention because in a few seconds several boxes will be changed from gray to blue. The group of all blue boxes form the pattern, which will be shown only for one or two seconds, and you'll have to remember the positions of each of the blue boxes that form the pattern.

Once the pattern disappears it's time to test your skills. Click on every box of the grid which you remember was a blue box of the pattern, to recreate the pattern from a mental picture. If you manage to match the exact pattern you will gain points for your score and a new, slightly more complex pattern will be shown so you can repeat the process again.

As you complete each pattern the difficulty will be increased gradually until eventually you find yourself not being able to remember the pattern. At that point you'll know what your limit is, take a pen and write down your score. If you wish to enhance your memory skills, try practicing the game a few minutes a day, and each time you reach your limit don't forget to write down your score and compare it to previous results; this way, you'll see if you have advanced or not.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Enhances memory
  • Addictive and challenging
  • Suitable for all ages


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